Tournament Dates and Descriptions

Feb. 15th

March 1st and 2nd
TVT Texas Volleyball Tournament

April 5th and 6th
TVT Texas Volleyball Tournament

May 3rd and 4th
TVT Cinco de Mayo Blind Draw 4s

June 7th and 8th
TVT Texas Volleyball Tournament

July 12th and 13th
TVT Texas Volleyball Tournament

TVT TOURNAMENT Saturdays: Men's AAA, Women's AAA, Men's BB, Women's BB & Men's B
Sundays: Reverse Coed AAA, Coed BB & Juniors: 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U

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Texas Volleyball Tour Sideliners Grill and Sports Bar, in conjunction with Texas Volleyball Tour (TVT), hosts volleyball tournaments year round.

In 2013 we have the following TVT divisions:
  • Men's AAA
  • Women's AAA
  • Men's BB
  • Women's BB
  • Men's B - **New Division**
  • Coed AAA
  • Coed BB
  • Coed 4s
  • Juniors
We will use a grand prix points system to track individual points throughout the tour for all divisions except Coed AAA, Coed 4s, Men's B & Juniors. (Men's B will be added to the points system in 2014.) T he following points system will be used:
  • 1st Place: 50 points per player
  • 2nd Place: 48 points per player
  • 3rd Place: 45 points per player
  • 5th Place: 40 points per playe
  • All players below 5th will receive 10 points
Please see the listing to the left for information on upcoming tournaments.

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